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Wenzhou, the capital, with the Asian investment bank, to build an international financial investment platform
Casting along the way to glory
Nilka high black bee products processing...
Located deep Tianshan Nilka, especially Tamboura Kashi River, covering an area of ​​600 mu, vast grasslands, cool climate, abundant rainfall, there are more than 160 rare species of Wild flo...
Shanghai jie ya food co., LTD. Beijing b...
Jie ya party company is a professional engaged in food and beverage brands, in Beijing and Shanghai has its own execution team, to provide all kinds of parties and activities of unity, integ...
Yafei Zhou Dewen SDIC club-cum-opening n...
Yafei Zhou Dewen SDIC club-cum-opening new book"Who is doing Bureau of the Chinese economy" PublishedJune 23, 2015, and the first forum organized by the Asian and African countries held a fo...
Company Background
Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce Holdings
Asian and African countries voted in 2014 to set up headquarters in Beijing by Mr. Zhou Dewen as the Chairman of the Board. Mr. Zhou Dewen current president of the Oriental Institu...
The face of global economic integration and the Internet wave trend, the Chinese government to respond positively to the national strategy of going out, in 2014, investment by priv...
Wenzhou SME Development Association, chairman of the Asian and African countries voted ZhouDeWen post as president, was established in September 16, 1999, is the Wenzhou city folk ...
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Lower risk, higher-return
Nilka high black bee products processing, research and development project
The south industrial park of railway construction projects
Chengcheng city yao kiln site culture ecological construction project
Tongguan County tailings comprehensive utilization project
Tongguan JiangCaiChang industrialized production expansion project
Kashi E-commerce base construction project
New and county annual 40WM solar cell project
Xinjiang Hongshanzui port construction project
Team strength
Who is behind it all?
Has domestic and foreign investment and financing industry experience of senior elite team, including domestic financial institutions at all levels, the National Development Bank, International Finance Panel, the Central African governments ambassador consultants and other high-power, agriculture and animal husbandry in Africa and Asia, logistics, manufacturing and processing, e-commerce, infrastructure, energy, mining, real estate and other fields for the parties to provide information, resources, capital, government policies, corporate security and other fields of professional advice and financing services, to create "the most influential Asian-African business collaboration platform. "
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